Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sittin' on the porch.

Monday night we took a trip down to the house to see if we saw any signs of inspection. We saw some scribbles here and there. We are hoping everything passed today and we are on for drywall on Friday!

Aiden also has said this room is his "bunk-bed" room since it was first built. Even in the model, this is the room he wants. 

We also snuck into a neighbors house, that is still available, and a month ahead of ours. This is where they are currently! 

Today we had a fun day after pre-school! 

I LOVE watching these two together. Luke thinks the world of his brother and was laughing hysterically when Aiden would pop his head to the hole!

We are so excited to share drywall pictures as soon as the drywall gets put up! We love hanging out on our new porch and just sitting and listening to the quiet. We are not used to quiet anymore! 

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