Sunday, August 4, 2013

Playroom inspiration.

Our last house had no room for a play room. Our playroom and family room dubbed as one room. I hated it. I hid everything in baskets and the coat closet. Toys are ugly, except those cute Melissa & Doug toys! I am 90% confident our house is going to be decorated in a navy and chartreuse color scheme. I am trying to stray away from the farmhouse style of our last home and go for a bigger and bolder style in this house. It will have dark cherry cabinetry that is 42" and granite counters, as well as wood floors on the whole main level. It is a little more fancy formal than our last house!

I threw some ideas around for a playroom and I think I have settled on how I want it decorated!

1. Pottery Barn Catalina Wall Bookshelf: On sale for $99.50
2. Home Goods Funky Pillows: $40.00
3. Antique Dresser
4. Target Chevron Rug (5 x 7): $80
5. Chinese Garden Stool: $60
6. Ikea chair x 2: $200

Our layout consists of a lot of windows! Here is a rough layout of what I am thinking:

I also love some of these playroom ideas! If you want the original sources of these photos, see my Playroom board on Pinterest. 

What do you think? Yay or nay!

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