Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Living Room Inspiration Board

For the longest time I have been looking at living rooms that I love. I think I have narrowed it down to navy and chartreuse throughout the house, so I will stick with that theme for our living room.

Here is a photo of what the shape of our living room will look like. This is taken from the model home.

We ordered a sofa and a love seat, despite the price difference only being $100 dollars. Two couches would look awkward in a rectangle room. 

Here are my thoughts and ideas for our future family room. 

1. Natural Fiber Rug: This is one of the bigger purchases. I would love to go with something with more navy with a fun design, but that means I will be totally invested in that color for a long time. I would rather pick a plane rug and fun fabrics for pillows so I have the option to change them down the road without a big expense.
2. Cameron Coffee Table: I love this coffee table. It is coastal, yet modern. That is kind of the relaxing look I am going for in our new home.
3. Couches: It is about time we invest in some new couches that will last. I love that these are a thicker fabric, as well as slip-covered. For those that have little kids (boys)... you know the importance of being able to clean a sofa.
4. Lamps: These are lovely Pottery Barn lamps. I would love to invest money in expensive lamps, but I will just look for similar ones at TJ Maxx.
5. Curtains: I once read a tip that all curtains should be neutral. This is probably not the case in many designers eyes. But if I am going to do a warm color, vibrant pillows and accents, I think a neutral curtain will look best. Plus, these curtains are 98" in length. That means I can put the rods at the ceiling.
6. Artwork: Something similar to these colorful Aspen trees
7. Pillows: I will search for similar pillows at TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Target, etc.

Here are some other living rooms I love right now:

We will see how it comes together! 

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