Saturday, August 3, 2013


Every Friday I look forward from a call from Bob, our main dude who helped us purchase this build. He called it an "I Love You" call to tell us about the progress of our house. I don't think he knows how often we really go down there, we probably know more about where the house is currently at than he does! Kidding..... sort of! When he asked if our old house was closed, we graciously told him yes! Then he continued to ask where we were staying..... at my parents house was our reply. He then assured us he would do all he can to move the process along as fast as he could. My parents were happy to hear this news!

The siding is almost finished and we probably won't be making another visit until Wednesday when my husband gets back from business travel! I feel like I can now safely say that because we are at my parents house, and I am not home alone with the boys, and no one messes with my dad! I am fortunate enough to have family to stay with while we build our house because renting prices right now are UNREAL. I am talking about $1800 dollars per month for a two bedroom apartment for a 5 month lease. Ridiculous.

We are also paying off our new car and our credit card because we will save so much by not having to pay a mortgage from August - December! That means - NEW. FURNITURE. Stay tuned folks - that is getting ordered in the next few weeks!

A few of the things are having a garage door, piping through the shower walls and tubs, and the radon system is completely installed! 

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