Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I used to order everything online or get invitations in stores, but they are just so... generic. I love taking ideas I see on Pinterest and making my own invitations from those! Today, I thought I would share Luke's birth announcement. I use Photoshop to make all of my invitations and I order all of my cards through Tiny Prints. I always get the rounded edges because they add so much to the look of the card!

First I will share Luke's newborn photos. Let's be honest, he looks cute, but a little worm-y, like most newborns. These photos were taken by Bella Baby. They are the photographer that the hospital uses and they are pretty good too. It is honestly the best bang for your buck in terms of convenience. Who wants to get all pretty and wake you newborn and take them to a germ infested studio when the photographer can just come to your room at the hospital and get a sleepy baby right there? Not me, that is for sure! We purchased the digital download of all of the photos, and I really wish we had done this with Aiden as well. I think this is the first time in the history of motherhood the second child got more pictures than the first... that is a fact!

Picture the below photo with rounded edges and a cardboard finish. I saw many similar announcement on Pinterest with little girl photos and cute girly fonts. This font, Sketch Block, fits little boys so perfectly! 

Look for Aiden's third birthday invitation next week! 

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