Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hospital diaper bag essentials.

1. Carter's soft blanket. The reason I love these is because they are not expensive and it is nice to wrap your baby in something cozy instead of the over-used hospital grade receiving blankets.
2. Four different outfits without feet. Many people say to bring multiple sizes and unless your doctor has informed you that are you having a massive baby, size Newborn should work just fine. You don't want feet because every time the nurse comes in to give the baby medicine or take the baby away, they check the ankle bracelet with your wrist to make sure the names match. If you have to undress your baby every time, it might be disruptive to a sleepy babe.
3. Three different pajamas. I also used only size newborn.
4. Two different kinds of pacifiers. Sometimes babies do not like hospital soothers. Some babies don't like them at all. But, if you are nursing, it helps you not be a human soother.
5. Decorative baby hat for hospital pictures. 
6. Baby socks. Photo from Shannon Bower Photography
7. Scratch mittens. Those newborn baby nails are sharp! A nurse told me that the baby nails are so thin that you can actually use the blanket on your bed to rub them down, similar to a nail file!
8. Hand sanitizer. You don't want germ-y people holding your newborn!
9. Vaseline. Those first baby poops are hard and sticky. If you put vaseline all over their behind, it makes it much easier to get the messes off.

Many people say you need to bring a boppy - you do not. The hospital has plenty of pillows to use for nursing and it ends up just being more to carry. Along with flowers, gifts, cards, baby, your bag, diaper bag, and everything else that comes with bringing a baby out of a hospital, you will not want to have to deal with the boppy you may not have used! Stay tuned for New Mommy bag essentials!

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