Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First day of preschool.

Tonight, after picking the boys up from my mother-in-law's house, we came home and did bath time. I put Luke to sleep early so I could spend some last minute quality time with my oldest. My little boy is starting preschool tomorrow. Holy. Crap.

We went to open house on Monday so he could meet his classmates and his teacher. He also was allowed to explore the classroom. He seemed to like it, but asked me on the way home "are you going to stay with me at school, mommy?" I hope this does not lead to horrible sadness tomorrow morning. Especially because my lovely husband is out of town on business. Again.

Tonight, I put Aiden in his jammies and I put some cartoons on for him while I gave Luke a bottle and put him to bed. When I came downstairs, there were two blue Otter Pops on the table and Aiden was sitting patiently on the couch waiting for me. He said "mom, I got you the pops, the blue one is your favorite." My little Aiden. Like his daddy, he pays attention to the things I like. If it is one quality in a boy that I would want my son to have, it is this one. He pays attention to all of the little details about the things I like, the toys Luke likes, the chairs his Grandpa sits in, every little thing. I hope one day he will make his partner very happy by paying attention to the small things.

We cut open our pops, wrapped them up in a napkin, hit our pops together and said "cheers." That is our thing. We always cheers. Tonight, it was to preschool. After eating our pops, Aiden wanted to play hide-n-seek. What a better night to play. I counted, Aiden hid. He hides in the same spot every time. When you pretend to look everywhere before looking in that spot, he giggles. Then, surprised as the first time, he is found and he squeals.

We read our Night Before Preschool book. We picked out an outfit (which hopefully means no fit tomorrow morning about wearing something other than basketball shorts). We sang songs, which are made up on the spot, by him. We talked about his favorite part of the day (going to Abui's) and his worst part (he didn't have one!) and then he ecstatically said "I didn't CRY!" I love that he notices this. He has always cried a lot. It is kind of his thing. I don't want him to think that it is not okay to cry and express emotion, but I want him to know there is a time and place to cry. There is a difference between crying because you are sad and your feelings hurt, or crying for attention. He cries for attention. We try talking to him about this in the most rational three-year-old way, but sometimes it doesn't quite get through, but we are working on it.

I found some of my favorite pictures of Aiden throughout the last three years that I want to share. I still cannot believe he is starting school tomorrow. Even though it is just pre-school, this is big for me. I had always known he is too smart to stay home, and more smart than he probably should be at three. I mean, how many kids do you know that are bilingual? He also can count and knows his colors in both languages. He can fully work an iPad better than your average adult. When the doctor asked him at his two-year old appointment where the bunny was on the paper, he looked her right in the eye, after looking at the paper, and told her "Outside..." and then practically rolled his eyes at her. This kid is going to do something amazing. I know it.

Dear Aiden,

I hope you know how much you mean to your daddy and I. From the day you were born, you were such a little spit fire. I guess that is what we get for naming you Aiden, meaning little fire. Over the past three years you have grown in so many ways. You have been wise beyond your (three) years and I am so excited for you to start on this educational adventure.

After all, that is what school is about. It is adventure I want you to dive head-first into. If you try hard, which we know you will, you can do anything. School is not only beneficial for learning, but also expands your knowledge of how to get along with other people. How to make friends, how to lose friends, how to sustain relationships that will last a lifetime.

You have a lovely pre-school teacher. She is caring, loves children, and she reminds me of an old grandmother. She is so excited to have you in her class. I hope she shapes you into a student that you can grow into in the next 15 years and beyond. You are such a smarty-pants and I am so excited to see what new things you learn in school. I cannot wait to hear the songs you sing, see that crafts you create, and see where your little imagination takes you. I love you peanut, and I wish for you to have the best first day of first school ever.

I love you so much,

Quote of the day (between Aiden and my mother in law):
"What is mommy's name? Mommy
What is daddy's name? Babe" Aiden, age 3

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