Thursday, August 15, 2013

First day chalkboard.

After seeing so many people on Pinterest take photos of their child on their first day of school I thought this year we could start this tradition.

I woke up to Aiden banging on his door... "MOM I am ready for schoooool" in his cute, little 3 year old voice. When I opened the door he was holding out all of his clothes that we had picked out the night before.

I decided to wait to wake Luke up until right before we had to leave so I could focus on Aiden, make sure he ate (which he didn't), and take these photos without Luke trying to chew on a wire.

He was excited, can you tell?! The whole day went pretty seamless due to some advice gathered from friends and family. 

1. Pick out clothes the night before.
2. Pack snack and backpack the night before.
3. Introduce your child to their teacher prior to the first day.
4. Let you child explore the classroom with you before leaving them there.
5. Get them excited about school. We read The Night Before Preschool book to prepare him.
6. Let them know you will be back soon for them.
7. Quietly escape when you see an opportunity! 

Hope all of your kiddos had a great first day!

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