Thursday, August 8, 2013

Baby cold remedies.

With the recent sickness Luke has acquired - you can see his gross runny nose in his 8 month post, although I am not proud I didn't notice that thing before photos - I thought I would share some remedies for baby colds. I have seen a lot of cold "remedies" floating around so I wanted to share some of the things that work well for us. I try to stay away from ibuprofen as much as possible because low-grade fevers are meant to happen so the baby's body can learn to fight off illnesses on their own! Hopefully these non-medicinal remedies will help someone else too. 

  • Vick's Baby Rub: I use this stuff like it is going out of style. I put it not only on my little ones chest, I also lather their feet in it and put zip-up jammies on them! I swear this works.
  • Cool Mist Humidifier: There are many different kinds of humidifiers out there. First, you want it to be a cool mist. Second, I love these humidifier's that Target sells because they are cute, and they are QUIET. Both of my boys have their sleeping sounds that they like. Luke listens to music. Aiden has white noise and a fan. I feel like adding one more humming or buzzing noise might make the room too full of noises! It is also easy to clean and does not have a filter that constantly needs to be replaced.
  • Put a pillow under one end of the crib mattress: This helps raise their little heads without compromising the safety of the crib. Much like sleeping in a swing, they are slightly elevated to help with drainage.
  • Boogie Wipes: These little guys are great for wiping crusty baby boogers. My little guy hates having his nose wipes. They smell good and are really soft and sensitive for their little skin.
  • Vick's Wall plug-in: These little guys are addictive. Plug them in to help keep the Vick's smell in the room to sleep better! 
I think it is also important to know when a fever requires medical attention. Here is a chart from Fit Pregnancy that is general guidelines of when to call a doctor.

I also included a chart that shows how much medicine should be given if your child needs to have some from fever or suspected pain. 

Hopefully this can help you all as much as it has helped us! 

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