Friday, August 16, 2013

67 Days.

This morning we had our pre-drywall walk through on the house. This consisted of very detailed descriptions of what everything in our house does.

Two things I learned from this:
1. Cheap filters for the furnace are better than the expensive ones. Why, you ask? The expensive ones filter out pollen, which is good if you are allergic, but they create a build up in the filter almost immediately that can prevent longevity in your furnace.
2. Don't leave your hose plugged in year round. I sort of knew this, because well it looks gross (my husband doesn't think so). But there is an actual reason. There are little valves in the spout on your house, when the hose is screwed on the valve stays open. When it is cold, you want that valve closed.

I also learned (knew) that children and contractors explaining stuff do not mix very well. A lot of it I cannot remember. But me, the math/number person, can remember that all of the bathrooms are pre-framed for a medicine cabinet. 51" from the floor and 3" in from the wall. Yes, I remembered that, while kids are screaming and dropping toys and wanting to be held.

On to the number. SIXTY. SEVEN. DAYS. Approximately until we close and get to move into our beautiful home. That puts us mid-October! Happy birthday HUSBAND! This week we have an inspection for the beams to make sure everything is attached correctly. Usually that does not pass the first time. Tuesday will be the second inspection. Drywall starts Friday! From Friday it is typically 60 days until closing!

After drywall, there is a nail inspection. From there, they can start spackling and texturing. Once that is finished, the exterior of the house is painted! We are making progress here people!

Some new things that happened in the last week are:

Front porch, back step, pink, sticky, sealant, pit for the sump pump as well as the water piping down to the pump.

Hopefully by my next house update I can share some drywall photos! EEK! 

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