Saturday, July 20, 2013

Small steps.

It has been a few days since we have been up to our build site, but not much has changed. We were hoping for BIG things, but we saw smalls things. Mostly deliveries, but a few new things. Such as... a fireplace! We also have stairs to the second story, so we were able to go upstairs as well. Aiden found lots of scrap wood pieces and found great pleasure in throwing them out of the second story window. He so kindly reminded me how he threw a water bottle out of the car last week. Litter bug. Here are a few pictures of the small steps that happened the second half of this week!

Oh! And stairs in the garage! 

HVAC supplies....

Second story framed...

The stairs to the basement on the "driveway"...

Luke is happy about it!

....maybe the roof is coming now? We can hope for big things by Tuesday because we are leaving for a little family vacation on Wednesday! I am so excited - stay tuned! 

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