Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Second floor.

Yesterday I forgot to post but we did take a quick visit to the build site. Notice how we graduated from "hole" to build site? We didn't think we were going to see anything when we rounded the corner, and not until you pulled up close could you see we had a second story floor!

In the last picture, Aiden heard the train. I cannot even begin to tell you how obsessed with trains he is. It is awesome, but super nerdy at the same time! 

Then we decided to go today because we saw the second load of wood had been dropped off yesterday and we just had a feeling they were going to be hauling boot-ay like they had this past week! And folks, we have second story walls!

Since there is so much wood still there, we are guessing the roof portion of wood will be framed and up tomorrow! We got there around 6:30 tonight and the guys were just packing up. Those guys work hot days and late hours! But we sure are thankful! 

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