Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Model home.

One of my favorite past times is just plopping into random model homes to see the style, colors, decorating ideas, etc. My husband actually hates me for this. I always bug him about going in to model homes. He used to like it, I think. Until we had two kids. Now he thinks it is more work than it is worth. Something is a little magical about walking into the model home knowing that it is the exact model of what your new home is going to be.

When we first decided to build, after looking at nasty house after nasty house for more than the cost of our build, we were losing hope. We wanted to be in the same town as our parents, but finding a home we loved was so hard. I have been told that the housing market is making a come back, and in Colorado that come back is huge!

There were two choices when choosing what model to build. Both had four bedrooms. One had a finished basement. One did not. The one with the finished basement was a ranch style home. Even though that house was going to be ready before ours, and had a finished basement, the base price was much higher which meant no upgrades, and how depressing would that be?

So, we chose the two story, four bedrooms upstairs, an office on the main level, which our builder calls a "flex room," and we decided upgrades upstairs now are better than none and a finished basement ranch level.

Here are some photos from our model home!

We chose this type of flooring for the boys' bathroom upstairs and the master bathroom.

We also decided to do wood on the whole main floor. It is an engineered wood, which is perfect for Colorado because of the dryness in our air, it allows for expansion and contrasting throughout the seasons, or days if you know what I mean!

We also decided to of with dark cabinets. Out cabinets are slightly more fancy that this shaker style? I think that is what these are. 

We got the same stone for our fireplace in gray tones. I LOVE it. And, let me tell you, it was $3500 for the fire place alone. Be good to me mantle and fire place, you better be good to me!

This is the sitting area in the master bedroom. I am thankful for this because we have a huge master bedroom now, and it would be very sad to downgrade to a small bedroom. 

We decided to to corian in our bathrooms instead of granite because the price difference was substantial! So, this will look slightly different. 

Guest bath tile. 

Guest bath leaning shelf. This particular shelf is from Crate & Barrel but you can get them on amazon for a lot cheaper!

We have a console table, and this is right where we are going to put it! 

I hope you enjoyed photos from our model home. All decorating is Richmond American. 

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