Sunday, July 7, 2013

Home Gallery.

One week ago from today (technically tomorrow) we got home VERY late from Las Vegas. It was our first trip away from both of the boys, and it was nerve wracking, but much needed. We got to our house from the airport around one in the morning. We had to be at the Home Gallery to design our home at nine in the morning. Talk about a lack of sleep. At least it was something fun we had to go do which made it semi-bareable.

Going into the Home Gallery we were DEAD set on white cabinets. We currently have white cabinets in our house and love them. We love a white kitchen, add in some breadboard, amazing-ness all in one! We actually did a small paint transformation to our cabinets that we copied from the blog Young House Love.

I posted a picture on my Facebook page to ask my friends what opinions they had on dark or light cabinets. I wanted light, and convinced my husband to love the white too. 

Both of these images were found from Google Images and I just used PicMonkey to put them side by side. Well, the overwhelming response was dark. But the reasoning was because having two little boys dark would be easier to maintain. Well, according to the interior designer who helped us pic our colors, counters, backlash, etc., dark is actually HARDER to maintain because it is harder to match the color of the cabinet, where as white is easier to match. 

That being said, we still went with dark colors, despite my love of a white kitchen. We thought we would mix it up since we have white now. Plus, it looked SO good that I cannot wait to see it come together! Below are photos of our color pallet! 

We are lucky that our builder includes granite counters, front and back landscaping, sprinkler system, and hardwood floors in the entry way and kitchen.

Aside from those, our upgrade list included:
  • All engineered hardwood floors on the main level. In Colorado, it is SO dry that the wood expands and contrasts all the time. This is where engineered hardwood is very important.
  • Tile in the bathrooms upstairs
  • Tile shower and tub in the master bathroom
  • Upgraded carpet (the builder grade was shiny and gross)
  • Carpet sealing around the lip of the stairs, apposed to the waterfall stair carpet
  • Java cabinet color
  • Wired for built in speakers
  • Santa Fe 8 foot doors
  • Stainless Steel Appliances
  • Front door lock
  • 42" Cabinets
Things we wanted but could not afford:
  • Two - toned paint ($1,200)
  • Pendant lights over island ($150)
  • Medicine cabinet in boys' bathroom ($99)
  • Corian counters in bathrooms ($750)
  • Premier Kitchen Package ($1,500)
  • Cabinet hardware ($450)
By cutting these few things out, we were able to save more and now we only have to bring $3,112 more to closing than planned! Woo Hoo! We figured we could always add these things in the future, so that is what we cut. Adding height to cabinets and eight foot doors would just be some of the things that  would be very difficult to change in the future! 

In the pictures above you can see our cabinet color, backsplash, tile color, linoleum for the laundry area, our grout color, and the paint we decided not to do! 

We also have a small update to the progress of our build! The dirt that you saw in the last post has been used to level out the areas to put in our plumbing! One small step for plumbing, one big step towards the progress of the house! 

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and a fantastic week ahead of you! Stay tuned for a mommy post in the next day or two, and another home progress post by Friday! 

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