Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Basement & Garage floors.

Does anyone ever have those evenings where you wish you could rewind and do them again? Tonight was SO that night. We usually keep the boys on a pretty strict schedule. But, tonight we decided to visit our "hole"and got a lovely surprise. Then we went to the local outlet mall because my Coach purse is nasty. When I say nasty, I mean Aiden left a cookie in there that I never knew about and it leaked chocolate. It was time for a new one since it has almost been a year. One bad thing about being a mom: no high inventory of new coach purses. Womp Womp :(

Then, we went to dinner at my husbands family's restaurant and were out late. Like past 8 p.m. late. BIG. FREAKING. MISTAKE.

The only thing that keeps Luke from losing his mind when he is tired in the car is loud music and the windows down. Aiden, my O.C.D. child, hates the windows down and the music loud. Yes, that made for a fun car ride home. Anyway, both kids are down now, thank goodness. (iSpy baby!)

A little casa update!!!

We officially have a basement and garage floor! CHEERS!

Aiden loves visiting our "hole!" Pretty soon it won't be a hole anymore! We are expecting to see some framing within the next week! How exciting is that!! I am knocking on wood so nothing comes in the way! I hope everyone is having a good week! 

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