Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Long time coming...

Alright friends and family, near and far... the blog life has returned. The year 2012 was probably THE busiest year of our lives. We found out we were expecting in late March, had a terrible rough pregnancy through one of the hottest Colorado summer's on record, my brother got married, my sister in law got married, we had another (adorable) little boy, and have decided to sell our first home! Woah.

We L.O.V.E. our home. Like, we think it is the best house ever for a first home. With that being said, we are growing out of it. It is a beautiful 3 bedroom 3 bathroom house, but with 2 kids and a dog, we need and want more space. Because the housing market has been so hot lately, we decided to jump on the bandwagon and sell in order to upgrade to a bigger house, and closer to both grandparents - SCORE!

I can not even believe it has been almost three years since we welcomed our first baby into the world. He is not even a baby anymore and has quite the personality. He love Thomas the Train, Cars, the iPad, sports, swimming, and playing outside. He is growing into such a cute kid, and reminds me of it every day when he says "mom, hold me like a kid." And I am reminded of it every night when he crawls into a BED... I cannot even believe my baby is in a bed. Having him as my first baby taught me so much. Now, when I am waking up every three hours with the "Luke-man," I just stare at him beautiful face and cherish those night where I am the only one who gets him all to myself. Although, one night of continuous sleep would be nice, but oh well! I can't believe how much faster time flies by with a second baby. With Aiden, all I wanted was for him to crawl, then walk, then talk, then play sports, then wear bigger clothes. With Luke, time cannot seem to slow down. It is unreal how grown up my boys are already!

That is all for tonight... as of now our house is under contract. We are waiting for the new buyers to submit the inspection to their lender to figure out what we need to do! As for our new house, I cannot wait to share my decorating, crafting, thrifting, and growing babies with you all!

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