Sunday, May 5, 2013

Little big boy room love.

With all the excitement of moving comes the excitement of getting to decorate new rooms! There are SO many rooms on Pinterest that I just love. Luckily, I have a very handy brother and father to help me build things if we need to. Aiden recently moved to a big boy bed after a very terrifying morning.

How our typical mornings go. Luke wakes up early and my wonderful husband gets up with him, feeds him, and puts him back to sleep. I set my alarm for 7:45 every morning to pump so I have enough time to "refill" before I have to feed Luke again. When Berto gets up he slides the iPad under Aiden's door so Aiden can watch a movie when he wakes up in his room while I pump. We have him gated in his room so he doesn't wonder all over the house all night, like he did when he could climb out of his crib. This pattern has worked so far for us and helped me be able to manage breastfeeding while having a busy toddler.

When I was pregnant with Luke Aiden learned to climb out of his crib. So we obtained a recalled crib tent thinking that only idiot parents who had not used the tent correctly had problems. It worked great, and I was desperate and exhausted from being pregnant with a toddler. Until recently when I heard the cry. That terrible, I am hurt, scared, something is wrong, wrong, WRONG cry. I ran into Aiden's room and he had ripped a small hole in the tent in his efforts to escape and gotten his head through and it was stuck around his neck. Scary. TERRIFYING.

I pushed his head back down through the small hole with all of my weight, which has about 20 extra pounds to it from my little Cherub, Luke. I got him out and just held him as he cried in my arms for five minutes. He had a red mark on his neck and I felt terrible.

That morning we all got dressed and went down to Mattress Firm in our local town. I let Aiden jump on every single bed. The store agent was going to KILL me. But, I didn't really care. I wanted him to love his bed and pick the one he loved. I let him pick a bed that was close to 700 dollars. I pretended to order that one and got him the 200 one that doesn't have a ton of springs to deter jumping. Yeah right!

He thought the really amazing comfortable bed was delivered later that day. Over the last year I have been buying things at Pottery Barn on sale in order to get good bedding. I don't like to be cheap on bedding because if you get the good stuff, it can last. Unfortunately that means I cannot decorate whenever I want and change things up, because I am not rich like that. Damn!

Last weekend Aiden and I typed in "Little Boy Rooms" on google images and he picked out the rooms he liked and asked "I want that for my birTday" in his cute little voice. Here are some of the rooms I fell in love with online!

From Houzz

From PBK

From PBK

So, as you can see we kind of have the sports theme going. His room has been sports since he was a baby. Although I do think it is nice to switch things up, we have so many cute sports decor that I don't want to stray away from using those when so much money was spent on it. 

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