Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I better now.

Do you ever have days that just start out on the wrong foot, and you know it is not going to be your best day? Days that start out with tears from your child for no reason? The "good morning baby!!" as you walk through your bipolar toddlers door immediately produces a mass amount of tears saying something about chocolate milk, water, and waffled, but yet you cannot quite understand because of the ridiculous face they are making and through the slurred teary words? That was how our day started.

Surely I cannot be the only one who thinks their two year old wakes up on the wrong side of the bed every. single. day. Right? You know, after writing this, his bed is against a wall. Technically he can only wake up on that side. That, and it is a twin bed. Maybe he needs some rearranging in his room. Better yet, maybe in our new house it will be on the correct side of the bed. 

My parents (dad) always ask why he is so grumpy. Why do you give in to him? My response: "Because, dad, if I didn't I would be a raging alcoholic." The screaming, tears, fighting, kicking, hitting, telling me to shut my face, of course result in being put in time out. Along with tears and crying, whimpering, and then a sad little kid comes slowly walking over saying "I better now." 

That is the magic words. I better now. Wouldn't the world be a much better place if everyone had the forgiving ability of a two year old? My sons best friend was over the other day and I was talking with his mom about how incredibly reassuring it is when two year olds fight over the same toy, look like they are going to maul each other like a bunch of angry tigers, and then when the toy is no longer important, they go on like the tiff never happened. 

Then, they escape upstairs into uncharted territory. After talking about the trials and tribulations of having two year olds, we realize it has been quiet for far too long. We sneak upstairs and hear whispering but cannot quite tell what room the little conversations are coming from. 

Enter baby Luke's nursery. 

These two little rascals had snuck into Luke's crib with a snack. What little thieves! The best part about this whole story was when Courtney asked how they got the bar open, Aiden said "Jimmy did it!" This immediately was followed by the look of death from Jimmy to Aiden. I mean seriously, beams of hate were coming from his eyes! Aiden has been quite the story teller lately so I do not know if it was because Aiden had opened it and was lying, or Jimmy was mad Aiden was being a tattle tale. Knowing my son, both are very feasible possibilities! 

As the day progressed it slowly got better. We promised Aiden to take him to his favorite pizza place that he has been begging to go to for a few weeks now. Every night he would cry and say "noooo, I want to go to a pizza place again..." He liked to misplaced the word again with the word now. He doesn't quite get the difference yet. He was happy to get his noodles at the pizza place! 

Then the day ended like this....

I better now!

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