Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Lens

I am happy to announce I found a new, amazing camera lens on Craig's List for my camera! It is a 35mm f/1.8 and I love it! :) I am so excited to get outside and shoot some pictures of Aiden! Here are some that have poor lighting, but you get the point!

Oh, how I love baby feet! Aiden has my husband's feet. We call them "shrimp toes!" 

See all of those nifty broken crayons! I have a neat little trick coming for all of you with kids/dogs/husbands that step on crayons! 

My wonderful husband also bought me a new computer! I got the new MacBook Pro! I am so excited! My other MacBook was just not cutting it anymore (I HATE YOU RAINBOW SPINNING WHEEL!) Now, my life is amazing!

I also just booked my trip to California to see my best friend! She is due February 5th! But right now she is 80% effaced and one centimeter dilated! I am so excited for her! 

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