Friday, February 3, 2012

Kitchen start.

The kitchen revamp has begun! Back in November it looked like this... and now, it is going to be getting a makeover. Wood colored cabinets are so out. So, we are going WHITE! There are many different images that we have used to determine how we want our kitchen to look....

See! White is in! Yesterday we began by taking off all of the cabinets, taking out all of the hardware, and removing the child proof locks! 

Each of this little bags with a number in it belongs to these.... 

Then, we sanded all of the cabinets and the frames and then deglossed them... we are doing a two - tone look, it doesn't make sense to paint the insides of the cabinets when they are much more likely to get scratched because of the dishes and glasses! 

On the frames we have one coat of primer and one coat of paint! Tonight yields painting the first coat of primer on the backs of the cabinets in our garage! Tomorrow, the last and final coat of paint will be added to the frames, then those will be done!

We are using Benjamin Moore Advanced Paint in a satin finish (Cloud Cover) and the primer is Zissner Smart Prime! Both are low-voc and biodegradable! 

And... this is how Aiden helps! Stay tuned for more kitchen updates! We plan to be done on Tuesday! 

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