Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The photo shoot of Aiden

Today we visited a friend of a friend to have some pictures taken of Aiden. At first I was extremely nervous, I even asked her about her experience working with monster babies. As his reputation states, he is such a little fire.

First, it was an hour drive to her studio.

Second, Aiden just wanted to run around and not sit on props, or even near props.

Third, he fell into one of her backdrops and drastically wrinkled it (awesome, kid.)

Fourth, we tried going outside and he wanted to run free, so there were likely a lot of the back of his head.


Her name is Aubrey Middleton. Here is her site! If you are interested, check out her facebook page for deals!

Here are three sneak peak pictures, which can also be seen on her facebook page (Aubrey Lynn Photography)!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

P.S. The countdown in on, Heather is due in less than two weeks! Woo hoo! :)

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