Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pantry Semi-organization

Our pantry is rather large. When saying this, I mean my 85 pound labrador can fit in it comfortably below the shelves. We have our trash can in there too because little baby hands love to get into the trash (talk about some not so fun times!) Since we have moved in, our pantry was our go to junk spot/food spot. The food was just put in there randomly and you could never find anything. I need to get a few more baskets for Aiden's snacks, and maybe some magazine racks for the fruits and vegetables, but for now, it is much more organized! And, I even threw out some graham crackers that expired in 2010! Gross - did you even know they expire, well they do!




It is a little better! Stuff that can be smooshed on top, fruits, veggies, and cooking stuff, then Aiden stuff.... Bottom shelf practically empty because of baby hands! :)

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