Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Console Table time

Remember that console table I bought from World Market awhile back? Well, now it has some decorations on it! The bottom shelf is still missing the perfect piece, but that will come with time!  Here ya go!

Picture some beautiful tulips come March in the vase! I think I need a few baskets on the other shelf, but I am not sure what to put in them. Hm? 

The lamp is from Wal Mart, apothecary jar is something I had and put apples from TJ Maxx, the little scented bird is from Marshalls. The pitcher, which is going to be used as a vase is also from Marshalls! The books are some old books I had from when I was an undergrad. 

I hope you like it! We are in the process of putting together a list of things we want to do to the house in 2012. The major project is going to be grass. We are thinking faux grass for the backyard with a kiddo and a dog, but need to do a little more research if it will look normal. So big purchase 2012 = sod! Boo, such a boring one! 

But, this is why! It is so dry here, it is so hard to grow grass, trust us, we tried twice! And, we saw the lovely HOA truck park in front of our house a few days ago, so I am sure the notice will be coming shortly! But, I will send them this picture if they pitch a fit... it COULD be like this when THEY did nothing about it while this house sat empty for almost three years.

Need I say more? Our grass was just a mess. And notice the missing slate? Ironically, in the back of the picture, our neighbor has MATCHING slate to our missing slate for her pretty little walkway. Funny how that works! Oh well. The thistle left in this yard must have been similar to fighting WWI, she deserved something out of the deal. 

I think our 2013 list will be new wood floors on the main level. Carpet is just so blah. My in-laws put new flooring in their house, and it has done wonders! 

Okay. End ramble.

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