Sunday, January 15, 2012

The beginning stages: kitchen makeover.

As much as we love our kitchen, we have decided that white cabinets would look much better. Also, the swirly knobs have got to go. Today we purchased a few of the materials needed to start this mini-renovation. New hardware, degreaser, and wood putty.

Remember our kitchen?

Quite a few things have changed even since this picture. But, we have big plans for this space. This year, we will not be replacing the wood floors, but in 2013 that will come! Here are some of our inspiration photos! (Found on google images!) 

We lucked out to the max when it came to our hardware. The different hardware we purchased fit perfectly into the holes already drilled for the previous hardware! SCORE! So, instead of taking two days out of our schedule to putty, let it dry, putty again the second day, we can just cut those steps out all together. So instead of 8 days, this project could take six days! I do think the hardest part is going to be taking everything out of the bottom cabinets and putting it locked up in the guest room to keep Aiden's hands away from it! 

Here are some pictures of our old and new hardware! I cannot wait to see how this turns out!

Notice the water damage on the door under the sink? I am excited to say goodbye to that! Keep a look out for progress with this project come next weekend! Oh, I should add, I *think* we are going to use Cloud Cover by Benjamin Moore for the color of the cabinets. It will be Advanced and in a satin finish! 

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