Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I have the cutest MONKEY baby ever

Aiden now says touchdown, football, cookie, cheese, and shakes his head no when he does not want something! He is starting to love hats, mostly just daddy's hats though. And, he has figured out how to saddle Bama!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

California Visits Colorado

My best friend was in town from Long Beach, California this weekend! Since most of her family lives here, and her dad flew her sister in town from Lakeland, Florida, we decided it would be a good time to have a baby shower for her little boy who is due February 5th (Superbowl!!)

We have been friends since high school, lived together in the dorms freshman year at CU Boulder, and then sadly had to part our ways so she could follow her love to California (which clearly worked out) ! We see each other many times a year, sometimes in Colorado, sometimes in California, but mostly we meet in the middle in Las Vegas!

Some of our latest adventures....

 Las Vegas June 2011
 Santa Monica September 2011
Colorado November 2011

And for the lovely baby shower! She is going a Safari theme in baby Trevor's room, so we decided to continue that theme in her shower! :)

That is all for now! Have a wonderful week all! :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Although we did not do a lot to our kitchen, other than paint and add some of our own decor, I think it looks much better without gross textured walls on the back side!

Downstairs half bathroom re-do

When we first moved into our house, the downstairs bathroom was BLAH! It was school-bus yellow, with a horrid Sleeping Beauty look-a-like mirror! And, it had an odd smell! Well, after adding the new paint and mirror, along with some IKEA shelves, we re did this bathroom for under 60 dollars! Woo hoo! :)

This picture does not do the yellow justice! It was horrible!


Aiden's room!

So, after much to our avail, the room is finished! There are a few small paint touch ups and one evil corner piece that broke that needs to be fixed, but other than that, the room looks amazing!! I will post some nasty before pictures, and then the beautiful after pictures! :) I hope you guys enjoy!



1. Wooden letters from Hobby Lobby painted in Acrylic Paint and brown ribbon tied in a bow and glued with a hot glue gun!
2. IKEA spice racks used for book shelves (3.99)
3. Babies R Us Naptime curtains, semi-room darkening
4. Babies R Us Crib (Davinci Emily in Ebony) and Babies R Us NOJO My lil MVP bedding!
5. Shelf: Hobby Lobby

Monday, November 7, 2011

What's for dinner tonight?!

Tonight my dad is coming over to do Aiden's chair rail in his room! Nothing like having a friend come in from out of town motivate you to get stuff done!

So, I am making orange chicken in the crock pot, which will probably make him sick, because everything does! But.... I found the recipe here...


I will let you know how it goes! Oh, I am also serving it over rice with a side of fiesta corn! :) Hope everyone has a wonderful day! :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Update on the house!

So, it has been a few months, and I wanted to start getting more into this blog! We have made leaps and bounds when it comes to our house, which we will share with everyone soon! And, tonight we are installing chair rail in our son's room, which I cannot wait to get up and painted! (The non-straight line is driving me nuts!) For now, I can add some before and during pictures of our yard, because we are patiently waiting on the grass to grow! I promise to be more on top of blogging from now on!

We also just celebrated Aiden's second Halloween, but his first Halloween trick-or-treating! He was a little dinosaur, the cutest one ever!

I want to add that my best friend is coming into town this weekend to have her baby shower! Yay! :)