Thursday, December 8, 2011

Well hello there, Christmas break

A big sigh of relief! AHHHHH! Finals are over and I can finally focus on some crafty ideas and decorating! Since we closed after the semester started, I have constantly been busy with school work, tutoring, and being a teaching assistant for my old Statistics professor! I bet you didn't think I was that good at math, did ya?!

Well, first off, Aiden's bathroom. It is adorable, and whale themed! Sadly, he usually showers with us unless the occasional poop explosion, diaper bead explosion, or the latest adventure of playing in the toilet water forces us to bathe him!

Do you remember the bathroom?

Well, it is extremely hard to find suitable artwork, at a decent price, for a children's bathroom. So, I ventured over to Etsy, and decided I would look for things I like, and make them myself for a fraction of the cost!

Here is one piece of artwork I hung over the towel rack!

The frame was $16.99 at Target and the photo cost $3.18 at target! I should add, ordering this from a private seller, it was $23.00, without a frame!

I also started working on a series of canvas's that I saw on Pinterest! Which, is the best site ever! I am planning on getting rid of the towel rack in Aiden's bathroom and painting some shelves to put over the toilet that are functional. The towels are going to go below the sink, and I am not sure what I will use the towel rack for, all I know is that I do not like the unbalanced effect it gives the bathroom! Here is a hint to what I am working on!

I also sort of copied, in a 'I admire your oh-so amazing design skills', my friend from high school, Katy's blog! Check out her more than amazing blog, that I one day aspire to be, here! I have had this problem with my dresser since I got it! Before, in our condo, our television was on my dresser, leaving me very little room to do anything cool! Now, the television is on my husband's dresser, so I have my dresser back! Woo hoo! I never know what to put on a dresser to make it 'fill' the room! So, here is where Katy was basically my inspiration!

The light in the far corner of the room will be going very soon! I had some extra mirrors and frames so I used those for the back-drop of the dresser, the light is from TJ Maxx for $34.99 (my splurge!) and the little decorative vase fillers are from Target! The three tea light holders are from Goodwill for one dollar! (Score!) 

And... just for fun... here is a little of what Aiden is working on! :)

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