Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sna-Sna-Sneak peak!!

So, I finally caved and bought the console table from World Market that I have been wanting! After a few months of searching on Craig's List and coming up with nothing but junk, the one I wanted from WM came on sale for $50 dollars off! Plus, I had a 10% off coupon! Ah, I love it! Check back in the next few days for the decorated version of the console table! Here it is at the moment....

I also bought a 'sun' mirror at Home Goods the other day for over our bed in our bedroom! Although it is going to be a few months until the finished product is up (still need to get chairs for the sitting area), this mirror is super cute I had to share! It was on clearance for $35 and I could not pass it up! Here is the sneak peak bedroom mirror!

I know it is not cleaned yet! We had a little incident putting it up. I did not measure the head of the nail that was screwed in... and it did not fit. Well I thought I could get it, and dropped the mirror, which happened to slide - not-so-pleasantly- down the wall leaving a lovely black mess on the freshly painted walls. AGH! Nothing was taking it off, so I went to my handy dandy Magic Eraser by Mr. Clean, and it came right off! This sucker also takes of crayons for all you mom's of toddlers! 

I also put some things on our end table in our family room. We are trying to teach Aiden the value of things and that the things that are not his, he cannot touch. Well, it does not work so well for an 18 month old. But, we keep trying because he needs to learn at some point. The little bird is from Home Goods, which he loves. He picks it up, and tries to chase you, all while growling with the bird! He doesn't get that every animal does not growl. Note to self: start working on animals!

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for the decorated console!

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