Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight!

The spirit of Christmas in our house with a little boy is undeniable. He loves his toys! Unfortunately we had to wake him up this morning (at 9:30 I should add), and he opened his presents, played for a short time, and then we had to leave to go to my husband's parents house, then my parents house. Well, taking an eighteen month old boy away from his new toys is not a good idea. Pretty much 'ruining his life' type of cry! He got over it once he opened more presents at 'Abui's' house, and then more presents and Ya Ya and G's house! We had some awesome B's and G's that my brother made, and got spoiled rotten by our parents! I can't decide what my favorite gift is, but I think it is my new wireless printer, the perfect gift for a grad school student! You know those commercials of the little boy in the car cruising across the country, and you can print from anywhere? I am lucky to have gotten that great printer! Hell ya!

But, the best present of all was seeing the glow in Aiden's face when he got to see his new presents. That is truly a priceless look. And, he is so cute and thankful for his gifts. He really loves everything and loves to play with his new things. We are even letting him stay up late today to play some more because we were not home all day!

This Christmas was truly something out of a story book. Sometimes I think my life is also a piece of a story book, maybe that is just a good outlook to have. This Christmas was so different than last, and I can only imagine how it will change year to year as Aiden gets older. I certainly am looking forward to using the Santa bribe in return for good behavior... is that bad?

Merry Christmas blog world!

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