Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Honey-do list!

This Christmas break I took it upon myself to make a to-do list during the time I have before the semester starts again! Well, most of this is going to be for my lovely husband to do, because I can't/do not want to! 

This is our horrid laundry room! It is messy, unorganized, and blah, I hate it! We painted and replaced the floors when we first moved in (Buh-bye linoleum!) This needs some love, and I have great plans for this room for the break, it is just a matter of getting the stuff and putting it together! Some of it involves a shelf right above the washer and dryer, a small lamp, and an entry bench with some baskets! 

Don't mind our partially painted door! This was supposed to be replaced way back because having a doggy door (there when we bought the house) to the garage breaks fire code, and we are in the process of finding a steel door that is 31.5 x 79.5 that is a white 6 panel door... this task has become harder than we thought it would be (a custom door costs around 300!) YIKES! Check out my new sun mirror for our room, found on clearance at Home Goods for 35! This is the only room in our house with the white baseboards, eventually all of them will be white, not nasty wood colored! 

Boo doggy door for making our laundry room cold! Brrr!

This lock does its job. But, it is just placed there, not screwed in, so we need to get on that! :)

See that hot pink spot?! It is from anti-freeze because our home was empty almost 3 years before we bought it! It was winterized, and they spilled it everywhere, including all over our carpet in the family room. Hopefully within the next year we will be putting wood floors in the entire first level! Also, there is some yellowing from rugs never being moved (or pee) who knows?

Sneak peak at the girly (farmhouse) guest room! :) More to come!

This is my boring wall at the bottom of the stairs. I am in search of the PeRfEcT console table to put here. I have found some I love at World Market, but have not had the guts to go spend the dough on them! This should be complete before school starts again! 

Also, I did not take a picture, but I am going to have him also rip out our juniper that lives outside our garage. It is ugly, smells like cat pee, and is the gigantic mansion to hundred of bees! GASP! They hibernate in the winter, therefore their mansion will be BULLDOZED in the winter! :)

That is it for now! I will let you know how my husband does with his 'honey-do' list!

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