Saturday, December 17, 2011

For the love of the name

Last year I fell in love with Pottery Barn stockings for our son! We plan on ordering one for every kid we have! They are so classic, yet still whimsical for a child. The best part is, the images change every year in the catalog, yet the same basic concept stays the same.

Here is Aiden's stocking!

Since my husband and I were so blessed to be able to have a baby right away, we are going to carefully plan the next baby, and hopefully we will be able to do this! Note: See, everyone thinks Pottery Barn stockings are amaze-balls! 

So, on to the name thing. We have told many people are future children's names. But, no more. I find it funny, when someone knows what you were going to name your child, and they name them 'your name!' Although, I know you cannot possibly claim stake to a name of an unborn/unmade child. it is a bit ridiculous. I guess that means we will look like the copy cat's when our next child is named after someone else we know! But hey, it is not like there are no other Aiden's in the world! :) 

And, that console table, it is coming together, but needs a few more things. I am not a big fan of my handle holders that I have on there at the moment, they are black, on an ebony table. I have not decided if I want to replace them, or paint them. So, we shall see! Happy stocking day!

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