Monday, April 4, 2011

A new in-law

Today was such an awful day, well the beginning. Aiden is teething and wants nothing to do with sleep anymore. He hates the car seat. Hates diaper changes. Hates all of his toys. He basically hates life. Therefor, I hate his teeth! As bad as it is to say, he was driving me up a wall all. day. long. Thankfully, my husband came home from work to rescue me. I headed off to Stats class, another reason why my day was not good. A day with statistics, is never a good day. As I am sitting in class, I got a text message from my husband saying that Brian, my sister-in-law's boyfriend, came to their house to ask their dad for permission to propose to Veronica! So, now I cannot concentrate on what my professor was talking about, I was just so excited for them! What is even more adorable, he proposed after picking her up from class on the light rail, where he had first met her! Congratulations Auntie Veronica and Uncle Bryan!

(Apologizing in advance for the slightly inappropriate picture, it is all I could find!)

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