Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mile High City is the new Windy City

Today we decided to head out to the park for some fun in the sun! It was a beautiful 70 degrees, and 40 - 50 mph winds, awesome!!! Well, after we wore Bama out with her chucker, we gave the grass another try! Aiden didn't hate it terribly! It was so windy and sunny, but he gave it a try and touched it a little bit! Here are some pictures from our day!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Friday!

Today was my extremely successful day of the week! Not only did I finish my ridiculous Statistics homework (if you understand binary logistic regression - you know how hate-able this stuff is), I also put together an invitation for Aiden's first birthday! I figured we would do The Very Hungry Caterpillar theme because that is the very first present I got for him.

Back story.

Back in October of 2009 when I told my mom about being pregnant, and letting her shock wear off, she got me a bag of goodies for the baby, which included an Eric Carlyle Very Hungry Caterpillar baby book! I have been keeping up with it as Aiden grows, and it ends with "My First Birthday," so I thought it was fitting to do a Very Hungry Caterpillar theme!

Here is the invitation.

I also went to the mall to buy a little duck TY beanie baby for Aiden's Easter basket and used my gift card from Victoria Secret to buy a new lace backed bra! I originally planned on buying a Colorado Rockies t-shirt, which Victoria Secret now sells, but they only had expensive ones, and ever since this whole baby thing, I have become a bargain shopper!

We currently have no plans for the weekend, but I am sure it will bring something fun! Maybe Aiden's two top teeth?! Lets hope so, the poor kiddo needs a break!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Little Monkey Bizniss

Today we went to a place that was magical, well, for Aiden! He was so happy when we got there! He is such a little explorer, and loves to explore new places, yet most of them are not 'baby-proofed!' Little Monkey Bizniss is a place for kiddos to crawl around, explore, and go on many different toys! Aiden loved exploring, and even made a new friend, Katie! He played for the whole two hours, and slept the whole way home! And, for those of you who know Aiden, he HATES the car seat, and screams bloody murder 90% of time time! Here are some pictures!

Yes, he already loves the blondes! 

Monday, April 4, 2011

A new in-law

Today was such an awful day, well the beginning. Aiden is teething and wants nothing to do with sleep anymore. He hates the car seat. Hates diaper changes. Hates all of his toys. He basically hates life. Therefor, I hate his teeth! As bad as it is to say, he was driving me up a wall all. day. long. Thankfully, my husband came home from work to rescue me. I headed off to Stats class, another reason why my day was not good. A day with statistics, is never a good day. As I am sitting in class, I got a text message from my husband saying that Brian, my sister-in-law's boyfriend, came to their house to ask their dad for permission to propose to Veronica! So, now I cannot concentrate on what my professor was talking about, I was just so excited for them! What is even more adorable, he proposed after picking her up from class on the light rail, where he had first met her! Congratulations Auntie Veronica and Uncle Bryan!

(Apologizing in advance for the slightly inappropriate picture, it is all I could find!)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

For the one we loved

Although I lived over 2,000 miles away from my Grandma Havlick, she was a very special person to me. She was the only grandparent that came to my wedding, which meant more to me than she will ever know. She always had something funny and witty to say, which was always entertaining. On October 25th, 2010, she was in a terrible car accident and air lifted to Albany Medical Center. There, she spent 11 weeks in ICU fighting for her life. During that time her kidney's had failed, she was immobile due to fractures during the car accident, and sadly a tumor was found in her brain. Her breast cancer had returned, this time in her brain. After removing this tumor, there were many complications including the rehab facility forgetting to give her anti-seizure medication, which every brain surgery patient needs to have after such an invasive brain surgery. Cancer had just taken over her body. Many tumors later, struggling to live with the horrible kidney dialysis, she decided she did not want to live that way. The had decided to stop doing dialysis, so her body was no longer flushing any toxins, stop feeding her, and 6 days later after those decisions were made she passed away. The Wednesday before she passed, my mom's birthday, she was still conscious and talking, able to tell everyone she was not in pain and loved them. She passed away on Sunday at 3:15 am. She was a wonderful person, and caretaker, and she will be forever missed and always on our minds. I am sad to say, she was never able to meet Aiden, which is what upsets me the most. But, as she watches over him from heaven, she can see him every day, rather than only once a year when we visit New York. I posted some pictures of her that I will forever hold close to my heart. I love you, Grandma!

Los Dos Portillos, 2009

My Grandma, me, and mom

One of my best friends doing my grandma's makeup at my wedding! 

Funny story of the day....

For some reason our smoke alarm outside of the Master bathroom is extremely sensitive! Which we are happy it detects so easily, not so happy that it detects the tiny amount of warmth that comes from the bathroom when someone is showering....

Today while showering, I forgot to shut the door to the bathroom and turn the fan on, and low and behold, the smoke alarm goes off! All I hear is beeping, then some sort of chaotic crash, more crash, and more crash.... so I look out of the shower, and all I see is my husband's head as he said "F*&^%^% Fence!!" By fence, he meant the baby gate which keeps Aiden out of our bedroom! After he slammed the door, blew a towel in front of the smoke detector, I could not help but laugh hysterically while finishing my shower. I hate to laugh at my husband's demise, but it was hilarious! He had literally tripped over the gate and fallen on his face into the bathroom....

Okay, that is all for today!! :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

On our way to Boulder....

Today we went to Boulder, CO, which is about 45 minutes from our house for a little day trip! Thankfully, Aiden slept the whole way there, which is basically a miracle because he has a strong hatred for car seats! We went to our favorite sub shop, Half Fast Subs, then shopped a little on Pearl Street, then went to the Boulder Creek for some outdoor time! Aiden had his first experience with grass, and HATED it! It was pretty funny!!

Yes, he hates nature!