Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our Family

We started our family on May 11th, 2007 when we got our first puppy, Bama, a vibrant chocolate lab! The life of Bama is never boring! When we first picked her up, we told the breeders what we had decided as a name for her, and much to their surprise, they had already named her "Jumper." Wow. That is great. A big dog, that jumps! Well, she cried and yipped the whole way home, threw up when we walked her around campus, peed on Berto when crossing a busy street while he was holding her, and then would not sleep in her crate. We definitely got the "Clearance Puppy!" But, through intestinal upsets, broken bones, puppy warts, the whole 9 yards, she is a loving puppy!

Our next addition to our family was quite the surprise after only being married two and a half month (and my mother was sure to remind me of this)... We were so excited when we found out we were going to have a little addition joining us! 

And then I grew.... and grew.... and grew some more!

Then, on June 17th, 2010, we welcomed our 7lb 7oz baby boy, Aiden Tyler, into this world, at Littleton Adventist Hospital in Littleton, Colorado! 

And, from here on out, he is pretty much our pride and joy! 

And, in March of 2012 we found out we were expecting our new little bundle of joy! He was born November 20, 2012, and his name is Luke Robert!

He is seriously the best addition to our family! He is a little love bug and never stops smiling!

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